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The One-Question TAROT Reading is brief, straight to the point and ideal if you want a quick answer.

One-Question TAROT Reading

Mysterious Forest in the Pacific Northwest

Sometimes, you encounter a situation that overwhelms you with all those clutter in your head, leaving you lost and unable to proceed. This situation can be compared to facing a blank wall or crossroads, or getting lost in a forest thick with trees and filled with those echoing noises – that you fail to see the dirt road just a short distance from you. Which way to go? Why can’t I see things clearly? Am I missing something here? Why can’t I see what other people see? Where is this leading to? What’s going to happen next? These are just some of the many types of question you can ask.

The One-Question TAROT Reading can cover issues about life, career, finance, relationships, love and/or studies. It uses three cards to see the influences of your issue in question and will suggest the best possible path to take to make the most of your situation.

The One-Question TAROT Reading is sent to you by email (Email TAROT Reading).

~~ ZAMM – Intuitive TAROT Reader

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Disclaimer: A TAROT Reading should not be substituted for the advice given by a medical, financial and/or legal professional. You must be at least 18 years of age or older to request a Tarot Reading.

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Sarah Burns says:

    Thank you for this reading. I’ve referred to it many times since you sent it as a reminder to myself.

    I wasn’t surprised to see the Tower here, nor the Ace of Pentacles. The card which surprised me was Temperance and it was the key for finding balance – something I was very much in need of. I needed the Temperance card as a reminder to protect myself from becoming too fragile.

    Very timely message and I’m grateful to you.

  2. Beacon Seafarer says:

    That is most helpful! I LOVE your readings and they are very spooky in some places just how much you hit home on things about me. Thanks so much :)

  3. Cassie McBride says:

    I can’t believe how accurate your reading was. You helped me immensely with a major decision I had to make. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! You’re amazing!!